Client Testimonials

Matthew Donnelly,
Senior Project Manager
Pinck & Co., Owner’s Project Managers

“I’ve worked with Chris Caligari at Cost Pro on repeat projects for over 20 years and I am always impressed with their thoroughness and the depth of their market knowledge.”

Jorge Cruz, Principal,
Flansburgh Architects, Boston, MA

“Over the past 15 years I have worked with CostPro and we have wrestled with scope changes, value engineering, schedule issues and the ever changing educational market. CostPro has never strayed from helping us keep our eye on the bottom line to help our clients establish realistic budgets.”

Thomas M. Payette, FAIA, RIBA
Payette Associates, Boston, MA

“Payette Associates has worked with Chris Caligari for ten years, counting on him to give us accurate cost estimates for many of our design projects. He was our first choice to work with us in managing the budget and controlling project expansion issues on our VA Hospital projects. His experienced cost- estimating and value-engineering work is invaluable to our firm.”

Axel Heyman
Former VP of Construction Services
The Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, NY

“As Vice President of Construction Services for the Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., I worked with Chris Caligari on many projects and have a deep appreciation for the high quality of his consulting services. Chris expertly monitored and evaluated construction budgets and the control of the release of construction funds, which contributed to the sale of real estate assets. For a portfolio of 30 properties consisting of 129 buildings, his analyses of deficiencies and detailed corrective budget estimates became the basis for code compliance and capital improvement projects. These budgets proved to be accurate.”